DIS Payroll DIS Payroll

DIS Payroll is a unique subscription based online payroll software system that lets you process monthly payroll calculations, manage statutory compliances, and generate multiple HR, TDS, Statutory & MIS reports, in quick easy steps 

Once you sign up, our step-by-step interface lets you set up company, employee and salary information quickly and quite easily. Additionally, no installations required, no software upgrades, no maintenance costs. DIS Payroll is online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a computer having internet connection. 

Our Mission, at DIS Payroll, is to provide professional & reliable web based payroll systems to Small & Mid Sized Businesses in India; at a price that they can easily afford.

Digital Info Solutions   Create unlimited number of companies. 
Digital Info Solutions   Setup company data, employee records and define salary structure in quick easy steps. 
Digital Info Solutions   Create unlimited departments, grades, branches of the company. 
Digital Info Solutions   Online Payroll system that lets creating unlimited salary heads and deductions. 
Digital Info Solutions   Create unlimited number of ad-hoc allowances and deductions. 
Digital Info Solutions   Calculation of all statutory compliances PF and ESI
Digital Info Solutions   Change deductions values just before processing. 
Digital Info Solutions   Calculation of TDS. 

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