CMS (Client Management System) Client Management System

Software developed for chartered accountants or any professional judicially taxation or related services to manage the data base of their clients with track records of their general information, commercial information, Income Tax, TDS, Service Tax, Balance Sheet, P& L Account company law information, Minutes Records Year Wise. With Special Feature of Attaching important documents year wise with the relevant clients record which is easy to retrieve .
Today many leading businesses have turned Their businesses with Us to improve their performance. DIS serves the market with a wide range of services for every type of business.

Digital Billing Different types of reports formation client wise, group wise, company wise, year wise etc. 
Digital Billing   Relevant Reference Section for immediate reference under company's act, Income Tax Act, service Tax, Sub Tax (Vat), Labor laws.
Digital Billing   Bank Transactions, Cash Transactions and control, balancing reports on day today basis. 
Digital Billing   Employees Consultants Relevant record 
Digital Billing   Employee &Consultants Time Sheet / work Sheet with job cost allocations. 
Digital Billing   Complaint Record with past track record. 
Digital Billing   Courier Record( Inboard and Outboard). 
Digital Billing   Communication Record and records movement control. 
Digital Billing   Telephone Directory for users. 
Digital Billing   E-mail Directory for users. 
Digital Billing   Library Books Details 
Digital Billing   AMC Details 
Digital Billing   Computer Hardware &Software Details 
Digital Billing   File records.

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